Nikki (hippiemarcher) wrote in homemadeicons,

Icons! YAY!

I'm working on another icon challenge for disney100 on High School Musical 2, and I've been experimenting with a lot of new techniques since I found out how to do brushes a lot better and I can now use Photo Explosion (which is great for adding text). I've also been entering icontests, and I would like to share some of these icons with you (I can now post them since the winners of these contests have been announced). To check out which ones won awards, go to the userinfo of this community.

As always:
-COMMENT and let me know what you take, or even just what you like (this is really helpful for me!)
-Credit homemadeicons (in the comment field of your uploaded user icon, type <lj user="homemadeicons">)
-Do NOT Hotlink, save to your own server please






Tags: disney, ever after, icontests, lyrics, quotes
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